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    Infrastructure Management

    In order to effectively manage the Group’s IT infrastructures, we provide a data center and network services, Internet phones and disaster recovery services. We operate regional hub data centers globally and expand IT cloud services, thus creating IT integration operation synergies in terms of cost and stability.

    • Infrastructure Consulting

    Infrastructure Consulting

    We diagnose customer IT infrastructures (systems, N/W, etc.), provide improvement models to construct optimal IT infrastructures and support the formulation of action plans.

    - Server
    - Network

    Infrastructure consulting work details PDF file

    • Construction of Infrastructures

    Construction of Infrastructures

    We design IT infrastructures that are suited to customer business needs and that are cost-efficient and flexible to use, thus creating an optimal IT environment.

    - IT Cloud Service
    - IT asset procurement

    Construction of infrastructures work details PDF file

    • Operation of Infrastructures

    Operation of Infrastructures

    In order to efficiently support the Group’s IT infrastructures, we provide data center and network services, information security, Internet telephone, as well as disaster recovery services.

    - Data Center
    - IT Cloud Service
    - Network-WAN
    - VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol)
    - Domain Management
    - Information security service
     : Non-work blocking, Prevention of vicious codes, VPN, Virus
     : DLP(Data Loss Prevention),
     : personal information DB security, RMS, SCMS
    - AD(Active Directory)
    - VDI(Virtual Device Interface)

    Operation of infrastructures work details PDF file