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Grand Opening of My Doosan Mobile Magazine

- Daily updates in English and Korean for mobile devices replaces monthly printed publications

On March 2, Doosan, the Group magazine, was reborn as My Doosan (my.doosan.com) mobile magazine.

My Doosan will replace our monthly printed publications and be available via your favorite electronic devices-including smartphones, tablets, notebook computers and desktop PCs-delivering a variety of stories about Doosan from all across the world in English and Korean every day.

Most notably, both the mobile and PC delivers the same content, albeit the different designs befitting the characteristics of devices.

Articles for My Doosan will fall under five categories - the Doosan Way, People, Technology & Innovation, Inside Doosan and What’s Up Today?and offer special features to keep everyone engaged. For instance, What’s Up Today will offer a chance for regular feedback, as we ask you questions about everyday life and the offbeat. Readers can leave comments under each article and share them via social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

From 1960 to January 2015, Doosan published 606 issues of its printed, in-house newsletter to enhance communications within the company. It started as OB News, and then changed to Sabo OB in 1971 when it grew into a magazine for the entire Doosan Group. In 1978, the magazine was retitled Doosan, as the company started acquiring multiple affiliates. Then in 2003, with the rise of information technology and advanced communications, Doosan launched an online portal for in-house communications, called Doobedoova. Three years later, Doo Dream was established, integrating Group-wide communications and business uses and expanding to include overseas subsidiaries. It was then upgraded once more, this time as Doosan Portal 5.0, in 2013.

Now we are proud to announce the launch of My Doosan, bringing Doosan’s in-house publication onto the latest generation of communications devices, to more promptly deliver a wide range of stories to your favorite mobile technology.

My Doosan is available via your favorite electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, notebook computers and desktop PCs, anytime and anywhere. The same My Doosan content is available on both mobile devices and computer web browser, automatically optimized for each platform.