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| Doosan Corporation Information & Communications

DSIE Advances IT and Communications in Europe

“I am Italian, live in Scotland and have three young kids, one of whom is anAmerican citizen,” D’Alessio said. “I joined Doosan in 2008 and previouslyworked for IBM and other companies. I have over 20 years of experience inthe IT industry and have had such roles as business analyst, managementconsultant, project manager and director in complex businesses andtechnology transformation programs.”As there are many Doosan subsidiaries in Europe, we asked him thesignificance of the establishment of DSIE. “Doosan affiliates in Europe can nowcount on a truly global IT service provider with one goal: creating value for theDoosan Group through the better use of technology,” he explained.“DSIE wasestablished thanks to a team effort and the culmination of a long range planthat required the seamless cooperation of many people, from DoosanHoldings, the Doosan CIO office, I&C BU, DHI and Babcock Management.”

Doosan I&C colleagues worldwide welcome the new affiliate

On May 20, employees from those affiliated Doosan companies attended theopening ceremonies, celebrating the establishment of DSIE. In D’Alessio’sopening remarks, he stressed the importance of building team morale,expanding the international footprint of IT for sales, and enhancing technicaland engineering capacity to embrace knowledge management. “The mostemotional moment for myself and one that I will remember and cherish for avery long time was when, at our opening ceremony, we played a congratulatoryvideo from all our other I&C colleagues around the world,” he said. “Themessages received were warm and heartfelt and it really was the best welcomethat we at DSIE could have hoped for.”

Brain, hands and heartworking in harmony

Now that DSIE has been successfully launched, D’Alessio is aiming to stabilizethe DSIE organization, improve the delivery of UK services, and expandthroughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).D’Alessio compared DSIE to a living organism, explaining that the brain,the hands and most importantly the heart need to work in harmony for anorganism to thrive and succeed. “For ‘Brain,’ I mean people need tounderstand the Doosan vision and strategy. ‘Heart’ means motivation andtrust; highly motivated and trustworthy people can accomplish astonishingresults. ‘Hands’ mean empowerment. Within clear guidelines and the necessarycontrols for Risk Management and Corporate Governance, the team will begiven the authority to streamline processes, to make quick decisions and toexecute efficiently by removing non-value-added activities.”Thanks to the leadership of D’Alessio, DSIE will do its best to grow the“fundamental competitiveness” of Doosan in the EMEA region.

Giovanni D’Alessio, head of Doosan Information & Communications Europe (DSIE)