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| Doosan Corporation Information & Communications

Construction of DPSI PI/ERP

In October 2012, I&C successfully constructed the PI/EPR system for the Indian DPSI subsidiary, a Doosan HIC affiliate.
To ensure the reliable financial information management and construct the same project management system as that of Doosan HIC for the Indian DPSI subsidiary, we constructed the system in the way of rolling out Doosan HIC’s processes and systems. We constructed and installed ERP, T&L, IRS, and HR systems at the Delhi main office.
Furthermore, to enable the remotely located Chennai office and construction sites in India to smoothly use the systems, and to smoothly conduct design work together with Doosan HIC HQ, we constructed the Global MPLS network.
Led by DHI Operation Division, this project started on February 22, 2012, with participation comprising 15 external consultants and developers, underwent the “Go-Live” procedure on September 3, and stabilized the systems by the end of October. During the three first months, the project was executed in South Korea, and during the rest of the period, it was executed together with local personnel in India.
We overcame various difficulties such as India’s hot weather, short delivery period, and India’s tax complication, opening the system one month earlier than planned. We ensured management consistency with Doosan HIC, and boosted work transparency. We are thus gaining favorable responses from DPSI customers.

Employees, who have participated in the construction of DPSI PI/ERP systems, celebrate “Go-live.” (Managing Director Gwihyun Seo and other taskforce members)

Local employees, who have participated in the construction of DPSI PI/ERP systems, celebrate “Go-live.” (DPSI President and its other employees)