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    Sharing (Participation activities of executives and employees)

    Doosan Day of Community Service

    Each year, we host ‘Doosan Day of Community Service’ events where all our employees across the world are united as one in simultaneously practicing the spirit of sharing for their local communities and neighbors in the vicinity of their worksites.

    <Children/Teenagers> We support our children and teenagers under our group-wide CCI (Corporate Community Involvement) theme of promoting the ‘growth and self-sufficiency of talented individuals’. At Namsanwon, a facility that takes care of teenaged North Korean defectors, we help such indoor/outdoor environmental clean-up activities as cultivating the vegetable garden, cleaning, carrying things, and doing the laundry. As part of our ‘Making Stepping Stones’ program, we helped with facility renovation and repair at the Blue Dream local childcare center in Jungrang-gu, Seoul, and the group home e-Warmhearted Meeting. We also visited the Dream Tree Village in Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul to repaint and clean its facility and to donate half-moon-shaped rice cakes and daily necessities so that
    children at the facility could enjoy the Korean Thanksgiving Day.

    <People with Disabilities> We support facilities for people with disabilities to help those people who suffer limitations and difficulties in their daily life overcome social prejudices and close the gap they face. At the Raphayel’s House, a facility that protects people with severe disabilities in Jongno-gu, Seoul, we weeded its vegetable garden to help with horticultural therapy for those with developmental disorders and installed waterways and rest areas. We are also engaged in regular environmental clean-ups and facility maintenance work in addition to offering our helping hand for distributing and cooking meals and assisting people with disabilities in eating their meals.

    <Seniors and Less-Privileged Families> As the ratio of seniors increases due to low birth rates and longer life expectancy, this gives rise to diseases, poverty, isolation, and other social issues. This prompted us to volunteer for the elderly and less-privileged families. We constructed rest areas for seniors and installed shades within social welfare centers, helped with distributing meals, and donated kimchi, half-moon-shaped rice cakes and daily necessities that we prepared to the elderly and less-fortunate families. We also visited nursing homes in the vicinity of our locations to clean up the environment, massaging the hands and feet of seniors there, and offered preventive education on senile depression and dementia while taking seniors who have difficulties with mobility outdoors.

    <Local Environment> We volunteer in local environment areas where our business conduct may have an impact. In Seoul, Iksan, Gimcheon, Jeungpyeong, and Changwon where our worksites and plants are located, we moved around the streets, streams, and cultural heritage in the vicinity of our locations to pick up trash and clean up the streams.

    Doosan Day of Community Service : Cleaning up the  Cheonggye stream

    Doosan Day of Community
    Service : Cleaning up the
    Cheonggye stream

    Doosan Day of Community Service : Cleaning up the  Changgyeonggung Palace & Gyeongbokgung Palace

    Doosan Day of Community
    Service : Cleaning up the
    Changgyeonggung Palace &
    Gyeongbokgung Palace

    <Woori Doori>, the Life Sports Program for Youths with Disabilities

    ‘Woori Doori’ is our new CCI (Corporate Community Involvement) initiative that promotes Tee-ball as a life sports program for youths with disabilities as a way to engage local communities and expand employees’ participation. Since Tee-ball, a newly-created team sport similar to baseball, does not require professional skills, playgrounds, or equipment unlike baseball or softball, anyone can enjoy it easily and safely.
    We selected Business Groups/Business Units to participate in this initiative through program briefings, as well as four facilities for people with disabilities in three locations who wished to join the initiative. Our employees and undergraduate volunteers will participate in sports activities once a month respectively to help youths with disabilities improve their physical strength and social skills. In addition to simply providing such program, we will measure detailed achievements – changes that occur in beneficiaries and participating employees – to reflect them in improving this program in the upcoming years.

    Sending Tea with Love

    To boost the morale of soldiers serving for our nation on the frontlines and to appreciate them for their commitment, our ‘Tea with Love’ program has been up and running over the past 25 years since 1991 to visit military units with whom we forged sisterhood ties and provide instant coffees and donations.

    Supporting Local Communities through Sisterhood Relationships

    Rather than hosting one-time events, we provide continued assistance and maintain partnerships to support local communities for their growth, independence, and competitiveness.
    Doosan Corporation Information & Communications forged sisterhood ties with Seongnam Hyeeun School, a special public school for students with disabilities, in 2012. For the past four years since then, it has been supporting the sports events held in celebration of Day of People with Disabilities, graduation ceremonies, and other major school events while donating learning equipment.

    <Woori Doori> program

    <Woori Doori> program

    Tea with Love

    Tea with Love