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    Ethical Management Activities

    Ethical Education Programs for Employees

    We offered ethical management education to enhance employees’ awareness on ethical management. In 2015, online education, group education, workshops and other diverse programs were provided, and online education was offered to overseas subsidiaries to extend the scope of such education. In 2016, we aim to expand ethical management to include our suppliers as well as Doota Duty Free and Doosan Corporation Fuel Cell to further solidify the basis of ethical management.

    Whistle Blowing Policy and Cyber Accusation Center

    We operate the Ombuds Program and whistle-blowing systems to establish a transparent ethical management system that respects human rights. Once reports are submitted, they are handled behind closed doors, and the confidentiality of those who filed reports is strictly protected. Following investigation, major issues are reported to the CEO and the Audit Committee. Our Cyber Accusation Center is up and running on our corporate website to allow outsiders to report on the violation of the Code of Conduct or other regulations or on the unjustified behaviors of our employees. Anyone can file reports under their real name or anonymously through diverse channels including wire phone, e-mail, letter, fax or in-person visit. In 2015, we received 10 reports through this system, performed internal investigation, and took disciplinary measure in relation to one of those reports. Furthermore, we created a whistle blowing system (NAVEX) at our overseas subsidiaries to extend the scope of our whistle-blowing channels.

    Help Desk Operation

    Our Help Desk section of the corporate website serves as a channel for anyone to consult and receive guidance on questions or inquiries in relation to our ethical management policy, details of the Code of Conduct and other reports or complaints. This allows external stakeholders as well as our employees to enhance their understanding on our ethical management principles and operational guidelines.

    White Paper Policy

    Our White Paper Policy aims to prevent the recurrence of major issues that arise from internal audits and improve relevant operations by documenting and sharing related details. In 2015, a total of 42 cases were registered on the White Paper to help our employees understand the reasons behind such issues and become aware that these issues should not reoccur. In 2016, we aim to increase the number of White Paper registrations in order to promote the intent of registering on and sharing through the White Paper across the board.