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  • Working at Doosan

    Doosan is a company worth working for, offering the unlimited growth opportunities and postivie corporate culture.
    We invite you to join us and grow together with Doosan.

    Working at Doosan

    HR System

    We fairly and objectively assess employees’ capabilities based on performance, identify their strengths and weaknesses and provide opportunities to grow as global talents.

    Cultivating People

    We nurture global IT professionals who are well-balanced between business and technology, as part of the talent-oriented management philosophy.

    Our Culture

    임직원 삶의 질을 높이기 위해 다양한 복리후생을 제공하고 있습니다. 생활의 여유와 만족이 가득할 때 근무 성과도 최고 수준일 수 있다는 원칙이 실감나는 곳, (주)두산 정보통신은 개개인의 건강한 삶과 풍요로운 생활을 먼저 생각합니다.

    Meet Our People

    Young and passionate Doosan people throughout the world will tell you the stories of ‘Doosan, a company worth working for.

    Career FAQs

    FAQs about recruitment.