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    Meet Our People

    Here, we take a look at the stories of Doosan people who perform excellently with their professionalism and pioneering mindset, who have good teamwork and who contribute to successful organization with flexible thinking. They are the Doosan people who grow together with Doosan.

    Photo of Jonguk Park

    Doosan Fosters True Global Talents

    Jonguk Park

    Consulting Service
    ICT Consulting Team

    Hello, everyone. I’m Jonguk Park (Keith Park). I joined the company in December 2010. I am currently working at the ICT Consulting Team where I serve as a CO (Controlling) Consultant.

    My job is to design jobs.

    When asked what I do, I say “I design the methods and procedures for others’ jobs instead of saying simply “a consultant,” because ‘a consultant’ can mean many things. Specifically, considering various business environments, I design work processes, connect them to IT (ERP, etc.) systems with the aim of boosting efficiency and consequently provide leadership insights. This is my job as a designer. Having started with North American and European ERP projects when joining the company, I now engage in the analysis of non-standard data, PoC (proof of concept), for business intelligence.

    The company looking for global talents? The company that nurtures global talents!

    Three weeks after being assigned to the team, I went to the US on my first business trip. I completed my four-month project starting in New Jersey, then in Atlanta and Cleveland. I was again assigned to West Europe (UK, Belgium and Germany). With the support of the company, I went on a backpack trip to Australia and New Zealand for the first year and was sent to East Europe (Czech Republic) for the second year. This year I traveled China (Suzhou and Yantai). Even before serving those two years with the company, I had also traveled to many other nations across the world, but never to Africa and South Africa. I formed networks of many friends and colleagues experiencing different cultures. Through such experience, I think I have become a global talent. Many companies want global talents. However, only rarely will companies develop people as such. I found that Doosan does not want to be globalized, but it has already had a globalization infrastructure. The simple yet most impressive thing to me was 2G (Growth of People, Growth of Business). 2G pursues a virtuous cycle by which people growth leads to the company’s growth engine and by which the company's growth in turn provides growth opportunities to individual employees. This is what I have experienced about Doosan that fosters people.

    Photo of Jonguk ParkPhoto of Jonguk Park

    The most childlike person becomes the most adult-like person.

    When I met my team head as a new employee, he said, “It is important for you to be recognized by your abilities, but it is more important for you to be recognized by your attitude.” This meant that new employees should make the most of their strengths and that one should always be faithful to the basics. I think that if I can be the most new employee-like employee, I could be a talent that can shine in any given job. Even now I keep those words in my mind and I try to become an excellent talent. Doosan is a company where individuals can work together in their respective positions to lead the growth of the company.

    From “any” to “every”

    If we hear, “you can do anything,” we will be glad and flattered. However, this evokes a passive feeling, giving the impression that you will be likely to perform well. I like the active attitude of “everything is possible,” and will help another’s growth, open new possibilities and lead team members to seek ventures.

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