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    Meet Our People

    Here, we take a look at the stories of Doosan people who perform excellently with their professionalism and pioneering mindset, who have good teamwork and who contribute to successful organization with flexible thinking. They are the Doosan people who grow together with Doosan.

    Photo of Donghwa Lee

    The Doosan Way, Proud Doosan in the world

    Donghwa Lee

    Doosan Way Team

    Photo of Donghwa LeePhoto of Donghwa Lee

    As you see in the ad copy of “People are the future,” Doosan believes that people are the company’s most important asset and competitive factor, placing talents as the top priority and bolstering the competencies of both the organization and employees. Back in 2009, I joined Doosan group, which had the passion and the commitment of nurturing people.In the subsequent 4 years, I have worked in the SI Team, the Doosan IS Team and the Doosan Way Team and have been provided with opportunities to develop and to grow.

    As part of the Doosan Way Team, I now engage in activities that allow all employees to empathize with and exercise the Doosan Way. The Doosan Way is Doosan’s philosophy and culture that creates Proud Doosan in the world. Based on the Doosan Way, my job is to allow diverse members of this global company to share the same philosophy and way of thinking, to achieve phenomenal success beyond the past 100 years of history and to have a meaningful life as Doosan people.

    Photo of Donghwa LeePhoto of Donghwa Lee

    Last year, the Doosan Way was unveiled for the first time and in the second half of the year, the Doosan Way workshops were held for employees. A new job at a new team was challenging for me, as I had only worked as an IT engineer. We could grow because we worked passionately and with a strong sense of responsibility, thus the new job gave me a great opportunity to grow. The team gave me sufficient authority and responsibilities to perform my job, which challenged me to think deeply about the meaning of motivation, what strengths and weaknesses I had and what was required to perform well within the team and the company. In addition, despite our challenging goals, the strong teamwork effectively boosted the morale, leading to successful workshops. When the Doosan Way fully is realized, all Doosan members will think and act according to the philosophy and will be proud of being Doosan people and proud, too, of the Doosan name, which is our ultimate goal.

    Finally, when you choose a company to work for or measure a company, what are the criteria? I would think about a company that is respected by society as well as its own employees. There may be many such respectable companies, but I think Doosan is the best of them all.

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