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    Our Culture

    Based on positive corporate culture, we make diverse efforts to create a workplace where people want to work and believe the company worth working for.


    • ONE&one 1/2
    • ONE&one 2/2

    ONE&one is a program to extract the directions for organizational changes and harmonize employees. Through this program, we make efforts to internalize corporate culture and strengthen execution of corporate strategies.

    Sports Festival

    • Sports Festival 1/2
    • Sports Festival 2/2

    We hold sports festival biennially, gathering employees working in different locations in one place and strengthen their ties and solidarity.

    Community of Practice

    • Community of Practice 1/2
    • Community of Practice 2/2

    Community of Practice (CoP) is a program for self-initiated studies of work-related areas, based on the voluntary participation of employees. CoP provides the forum for idea sharing and communications, pursuing innovation.

    Great Workplace

    • Great Workplace 1/2
    • Great Workplace 2/2

    We appoint Change Agents (CA) from divisions and teams every year for fun-oriented activities to enhance corporate culture and ultimately realize Great Workplace.

    I&C Clubs

    • I&C Clubs 1/4
    • I&C Clubs 2/4
    • I&C Clubs 3/4
    • I&C Clubs 4/4

    There are various clubs for employees’ leisure activities and bonding, strengthening the ownership and employee morale and creating sound work environment. Such activities include mountaineering, bowling, golf, reading and many more.