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Meet Our People

Here, we take a look at the stories of Doosan people who perform excellently with their professionalism and pioneering mindset, who have good teamwork and who contribute to successful organization with flexible thinking. They are the Doosan people who grow together with Doosan.

Doosan Fosters Global Talents Through Global Collaboration

I am Juhyeon Seong. I joined the company in the second half of 2005 and am now working as an assistant manager at the Solution Service Solution Innovation Team. Through 2010, I engaged in stabilizing the Group’s common systems such as AD (account management), e-mail (Doosan e-mail) system and Lync (messenger, video conference) for the Group’s affiliates. From 2011, I am responsible for the group-wide delivery of the above three systems.

Let me explain what I do. First, since Doosan is a global company and grows through mergers and acquisition of domestic and foreign companies, when such M&A progresses, to ensure work continuity with Doosan, I implement and put in place common systems in relation to other systems. Currently, such system integration has now been mostly completed in Korea, Asian and American regions and I am planning and preparing for system integration in Europe. Second, I explore new services to propose to customers. This offers customers new values and advanced integrated collaboration environments.

I have been involved in various projects and the most memorable of all was the AD, Email and Lync integration project for DICE (Bobcat) from 2011 to 2012. The project was to establish Doosan common systems and their services for North America, including the integration of users, which was unique for such a project. In the initial stage, as I executed the project with people of diverse cultural backgrounds and ways of thinking from the US, Europe and other regions. We needed time to get to know each other through trials and errors and by listening to each others’ opinions. We formulated project plans together and shared clear goals and finally, we successfully carried out the project. Through this project, I learned how to carry out global projects with people of diverse cultural backgrounds. I also learned what a global collaboration system was. I also came to be personally closer to colleagues around the world as I worked offline, which was different from the day-to-day online work.

Words like ‘goal’ and ‘vision’ were abstract to me as a new employee, but they have now become clear after working for Doosan for several years. My career goals and vision at Doosan are to explore global services and to become a global delivery expert. In the long term, I want to become an expert in formulating IT strategies and plans in line with the company’s vision.

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